XLT - Core Strategy

Course Type: Online


XLT-Core Strategy is an interactive course that extends the theory taught and practice received in the Core Strategy Course into real world trading. Each week contains two powerful live trading sessions and one session which is a combination of lesson and Trading & Analysis. Students will get to learn advanced trading concepts in these sessions. The instructor uses the live trading sessions to demonstrate core-strategy-in-action over and over again to ensure that students are immersed in applying core strategy in live markets. A library of self-paced lessons is also included in the Core Strategy XLT that extends the concepts introduced in the Core Strategy Course.

Program Format

  • Course is delivered using a live, interactive virtual online classroom, providing an environment for optimal learning.
  • 3 sessions per week over the 12-week subscription period.
  • Sessions are approximately 2-hours in length.
  • Approximately 20% of the sessions will be using the Learning Reinforcement session format containing Q&A and Drill for Skill exercises.
  • Approximately 80% of the sessions will be live trading in the markets.
  • Specific trading and analysis sessions will be dedicated to the daily income, as well as weekly and monthly income.
  • A community of students participating in an environment where teamwork and support is fostered and encouraged.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course you will:

  • Master the Trading Blueprint process and be able to identify trading opportunities and execute trades from start to finish.
  • Locate high probability trading and investing opportunities.Continue to evolve and fine tune your personal trading plan based on a simple rule-based strategy.


Before attending this course, students must have successfully completed the Pro Trader Course as well as have a firm understanding of the basic operations of the Financial Markets.

Course Outline

Every week we will have 2 trading and analysis sessions and 1 lesson session every Friday which is a combination of Lesson & Trading & Analysis.These lessons keep repeating every 6 weeks.

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